Hawaiian Host® and Uncle's Ice Cream Bring Back First Flavor Collab

Hawaiian Host® and Uncle's Ice Cream Bring Back First Flavor Collab

Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Alohamacs® ice cream sandwich

The Hawaiian Host Dark AlohaMacs® Ice Cream Sandwich makes a tasty return as the two local brands go into their third year partnering together.
HONOLULU, Feb. 8, 2022 – Hawaiian Host and Uncle’s Ice Cream are bringing back the flavor that started it all! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a little over two years since the two brands got together to create the Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Alohamacs. ice cream sandwich, their first flavor collaboration. The frozen treat is comprised of bits of Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Alohamacs blended into honey mac nut ice cream and sandwiched between two freshly baked, old-fashioned, sugar cookies.

“We call it a ‘classic macadamia combination.’ Hawaiian Host is the premier chocolate-covered macadamia company; their dark chocolate-covered macadamia nuts are so silky and smooth — that little hint of bitter inthe dark chocolate with the macadamia nut makes for an amazing flavor combination,” says Uncle’s Ice Cream co-founder Paul Logan. “We chop it up into little morsels and pair it with an ice cream made with organic ‘ōhi‘a lehua blossom honey.”

Since then, the collaboration went on to create several more limited-edition flavors, including Hawaiian Host’s mac nut morsels covered with milk chocolate and toasted coconut with Uncle’s caramel ice cream; Hawaiian Host’s Paradise Collection matcha macadamias with Uncle’s matcha ice cream and chocolate chip cookies; and most recently, two festive flavors — Peppermint Mocha and Holiday Spice Gingerbread. Now it’s time to go back to the start.

“That first flavor was a tremendous success. Many were already familiar with our Dark Chocolate Alohamacs, but to combine the flavor into a frozen dessert … who wouldn’t enjoy that?” says Theresa Tuxhorn, Director of Global Marketing for Hawaiian Host and KOHO. “When we visited Uncle’s in Waialua to start experimenting on flavors and witnessed the same passion for their products in their kitchen as we have in our factory, we knew it was a perfect match.”

You can find the limited-edition Uncle’s/Hawaiian Host. Ice Cream Sandwiches until the end of May at: Lawson Station outlets and Barefoot Beach Caf. in Waikīkī; Cooke Street Market and the Hawaiian Chip Company in Honolulu; Kalapawai Market in Kailua; Waimea Valley Caf.s, Waialua Fresh and Island X on the North Shore; and most military commissaries and exchanges. They are also available at many ABC Stores and Foodland locations. For the full listing, visit unclesicecream.com.