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Hawaiian Host Archipelago Map

We’re Hawaiian Host, the iconic chocolate brand from Hawaiʻi, and we’re living up to our name as the Host of Hawaiʻi.

We've compiled the ultimate list of best places to eat, activities, places to visit, beaches to spend all day at, and foods to eat on your adventure in paradise in Oʻahu, Māui, Kauaʻi, or the Big Island! Adventure awaits, so which island are you going to first?

Take a piece of paradise home

For over 95 years, it’s a tradition that people buy Hawaiian Host chocolates as gifts and souvenirs whenever they visit. That’s why we are “Hawai‘i’s Gift to the World”. In the end, did you even visit Hawaiʻi if you didnʻt buy Hawaiian Host chocolate?

Considered an edible postcard from paradise! Featuring our finest macadamias coated in our silky, premium milk chocolate, this Island original makes a delightful souvenir for everyone on your gift list. This is perfect for sharing aloha with family and friends, not to mention a sweet way to treat yourself!
Flavors: Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

The Founder’s Collection
Premium chocolate and uniquely crunchy macadamias, made just like our founders, Mamoru and Aiko Takitani, intended.
Flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Honey Coated Milk Chocolate.

The Paradise Collection
Savor a blissful moment of paradise with our Paradise Collection. Each unique island-inspired flavor contains a combination of premium chocolate and macadamia nuts.
Flavors: Toasted Coconut Milk Chocolate, Hawaiian Honey Milk Chocolate, Kona Coffee Milk Chocolate, and Sea Salt Toffee Dark Chocolate.

Maui Caramacs
A beloved treat, the iconic macadamia shares the spotlight with rich, buttery caramel. To make our famous Maui Caramacs, we smother macadamias in our custom-made caramel and then cover them in smooth milk chocolate. Perfect for sharing aloha with friends and family (but buy one for yourself or you’ll regret it!).

Flavors of Aloha Bars
These delicious bars are inspired by the Islands. Tropical Sunrise Swirl blends white chocolate with delicious passionfruit and mango; Island Bounty combines coconut with milk chocolate; Pau Hana is a pretzel-meets-chocolate-and-mac-nuts party; Rocky Road to Paradise combines marshmallow and sea-salt with milk chocolate; and Surfer’s Breakfast takes crunchy granola and Kona coffee and swirls it in dark chocolate.

Where to Buy
ABC, Costco, CVS/Longs Drug, Daily Service, DFS, Dole Plantation, Don Quijote, Donation, Food Pantry, Foodland, Hawaii General Store, ItSugar, KTA, Lawson, Marukai, Okimoto Corp, Pac Sup, PCC Retail Gift Shops, Safeway, Sam's Club, Tamura, Target, Timese, Travel Traders, Walgreens, Walmart or shop online at

Sharing aloha is delicious 🌺!


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