Hawaiian Coconut S’more

Hawaiian Coconut S’more

Hawaiian Host Flavors of Aloha Island Bounty Chocolate Bar S'mores

This Hawaiian-inspired spin on a classic s’more introduces coconut in two different ways: creamy coconut butter and toasted coconut. These s’mores are extra decadent and special thanks to indulgent coconut butter, artisanal marshmallows, and Hawaiian Host’s Island Bounty bar.


 Makes eight s’mores; multiply as needed 

8 graham crackers

8 tsp coconut butter

1 Hawaiian Host Island Bounty bar

8 artisanal marshmallows

1. Break each graham cracker in half to yield a bottom and a top for each s’more.
2. Spread about a teaspoon of coconut butter onto each bottom half.
3. Break the Island Bounty bar into squares and add a square of chocolate on top of the coconut butter on each bottom half.
4. Toast the marshmallows as desired, then add them on top of the chocolate while the marshmallow is still hot.
5. Add the top graham crackers, give the s’mores a slight squish to stick everything together, and enjoy immediately!

Ingredient Note:
Coconut butter, which has a decadently creamy texture and huge coconut flavor, can be found at most artisan grocery stores. It should have just one ingredient: coconut. You may need to warm it up slightly and give it a vigorous stir to bring it together. This is NOT the same as coconut oil.

Toasting Note:
No campfire? No problem! There are many ways to toast marshmallows at home. If you have a gas stove, they toast well right over the burner. If you don’t have a gas stove, you can toast them in the oven at 400 degrees for about five minutes. A kitchen torch works well too. Regardless of what method you choose, be careful and keep a close eye on them!


This recipe was developed and photographed by Lee of @TheRogueBrusselSprout. She spends each winter in Hawaii and is a huge macadamia nut lover. You can find Lee’s blog, including many Hawaiian-inspired recipes, at www.TheRogueBrusselSprout.com.