Hawaiian Host® and Uncle's Ice Cream Launch Fourth Flavor

Hawaiian Host and Uncle's Ice Cream Fourth Flavor, Rocky Road Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Macadamias Ice Cream Sandwich
Their fourth, limited-edition dessert creation — featuring rocky road ice cream and dark chocolate macadamias, sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies — rings in the New Year with pure indulgence!
HONOLULU, Jan. 06, 2021 – Hawaiian Host® and Uncle’s Ice Cream have united again to launch their fourth frozen delight: Uncle’s Rocky Road Ice Cream (fashioned with dark chocolate and marshmallows) and Hawaiian Host Paradise Collection dark chocolate macadamias, all sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies.
The creamy/crunchy concoction will ring in the New Year with an indulgent, sweet start. Our resolution for 2021? Pure enjoyment from paradise for all!
“We have worked with Uncle’s for a year now, and we will continue our collaboration with new innovations for 2021,” says Theresa Tuxhorn, Director of Global Marketing of Hawaiian Host. “Following the holiday season, we thought that rich Rocky Road ice cream, decadent dark chocolate, and classic chocolate chip cookies would provide an ample dose of delicious, post-holiday comfort. We are glad to see this fourth flavor introduced exclusively on O‘ahu in 2021.”
The first three ice-cream sandwich collaborations were huge successes — the first featured Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Alohamacs® and Uncle’s Big Island honey ice cream; the second starred Hawaiian Host Paradise Collection milk chocolate toasted coconut macadamias with Uncle’s creamy caramel ice cream, and the third offered Hawaiian Host Paradise Collection milk chocolate Kona coffee macadamias paired with Uncle’s mocha ice cream on snickerdoodle cookies.
With the holiday season still lingering, dark chocolate mixed with marshmallows and chocolate chips brings a nostalgic, tasty twist on fireplace bliss — island style, of course.
“We cannot think of a better way to start the New Year than with a fresh creation with Hawaiian Host. Pairing Hawaiian macadamia candies with our homemade Rocky Road is a great island-style take on the classic. I can’t wait for visitors and kama‘aina to taste this latest flavor.” says Uncle Paul Logan, co- founder of Uncle’s Ice Cream.
You can find the limited-edition Uncle’s/Hawaiian Host® Ice Cream Sandwiches at over 40 retailers across O‘ahu, including: Lawson Station outlets, and Barefoot Beach Café in Waikīkī; Cooke Street Market and the Hawaiian Chip Company in Honolulu; all Kalapawai locations; Waimea Valley Cafés, Waialua Fresh and Island X on the North Shore, and most military commissaries and exchanges. Fourteen ABC Stores throughout O‘ahu will also be carrying them, and kama‘aina will also be happy to learn that the ice cream sandwiches will again be available at eight Foodland stores and several Texaco mini marts. For a list of locations visit unclesicecream.com.