Mamoru & Aiko Takitani

Honoring Mamoru & Aiko Takitani in AANHPI Heritage Month

Mamoru & Aiko TakitaniThroughout the month of May, the US has celebrated Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This month provides a special opportunity for us to remember and honor HHG’s AANHPI history and deep roots in this community.

Our very own Japanese-American founding couple, Mamoru & Aiko Takitani, represent an incredible story of perseverance & entrepreneurship within the AANHPI community. Mamoru was a true innovator. He first experimented and developed the Hawaiian Host Chocolate-Covered Macadamia recipe, now known around the world, above his family’s business on Maui. Following the couple’s move to O'ahu, Aiko played a key role in introducing our products locally. She delivered Hawaiian Host around town in her station wagon, making connections that have since grown into an incredible global community of people who love our products.

Driven by their desire to share aloha, connect, and build community, the Takitani’s demonstrated tenacity and grit to bring their dream to life. As today’s Hosts of Hawai‘i, we continue to draw inspiration from the Takitani’s bold vision. We are proud to carry on their legacy as we provide experiences that share the Spirit of Hawai'i with the world through our Hawaiian Host, Mauna Loa, and KOHO products.

During this AANHPI Heritage Month, we look to our founding couple and pay tribute to their instrumental impact and all they achieved.