Top New Non-Dairy Ice Cream in 2021

Top New Non-Dairy Ice Cream in 2021

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A lot of exciting things happened at Mauna Loa this year, including the rollout of the first-ever Macadamia Milk Ice Cream, which saw immediate success as it became the top-selling plant-based ice cream amongst new items in Natural Grocery.

“It’s an incredible feeling for our team to have been able to introduce innovation to not only our historic brand, after 75 years of focusing primarily on our macadamia nut lines, but also to the category of plant-based ice cream that has been gaining momentum in recent years, throughout every retail channel,” said Danielle Laubenstein, Director of Global Marketing for Mauna Loa.

While our classic product lines have helped us become the #1 Macadamia Nut brand*, we are looking forwards to the future as we continue to innovate and take the macadamia nut where it has never been before.

* SPINSScan Conventional US MULO (powered by IRI), TPL Universe, SS NUTS-MACADAMIA Product Type, L52 Weeks ending 10/03/21

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