The Quality Edit: 37 Gift Ideas For Her At Any Budget

The Quality Edit: 37 Gift Ideas For Her At Any Budget

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37 Gift Ideas For Her At Any Budget

Words by 
Sara Louise Pollock


The best of Hawaiian Host Bundle with AlohaMacs Milk and Dark Chocolate and Maui Caramacs and MacNut Crunch stacked and a white plate with all the chocolates laid out.

Though it’s not Valentine’s Day, I think chocolates are a totally appropriate – nay, excellent – gift for her this holiday season. If you’re looking for high-quality chocolate that won’t break the bank, might we suggested Hawaiian Host, an iconic, nearly century-old brand that makes exceptional chocolates to transport you to paradise (mentally, of course). With premium ingredients like Hawaiian honey, Kona chocolate, and more, you’ll be lucky if she shares any of these sweet treats with you. Shop the "Best Of" box

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