Just In Time For National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Just In Time For National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Sea Salt Toffee Dark Chocolate

Hawaiian Host® and Uncle’s Ice Cream are back at it again this summer with their newest flavor collaboration. For the past three years, the local brands have been working together to create delicious frozen treats infused with Hawaiian Host morsels that people have come to know and love.

Earlier this year, the duo re-introduced its first product collab into the market: the Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Alohamacs® ice cream sandwich, comprising bits of Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Alohamacs blended into honey mac nut ice cream. And now, after a few tasty experiments in the kitchen of Uncle’s Ice Cream on the North Shore, the latest flavor is ready to be devoured: Dark Chocolate Toffee Macadamia. This irresistible frozen treat is made with creamy vanilla ice cream blended with Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Toffee Macadamia bits, sandwiched between two homemade, old-fashioned sugar cookies.

“The classic, buttery toffee is nicely set off by the touch of sea salt and Hawaiian Host’s creamy dark chocolate,” explains “Uncle” Paul Logan with Uncle’s Ice Cream. “It all pairs so well with our rich vanilla ice cream and old-fashioned sugar cookies; it’s a flavor combination we hope everyone will try while it lasts!” Director of Global Marketing for Hawaiian Host and KOHO Theresa Tuxhorn adds, “As two local brands, it makes perfect sense for Hawaiian Host and Uncle’s to partner up in creating these delicious treats. Uncle’s homemade goodness combined with Hawaiian Host’s iconic indulgences is a match made in paradise.”

Hawaiian Host and Uncle’s Ice Cream also have another flavor in the works scheduled to launch later in the year in celebration of Hawaiian Host’s 95th anniversary. Meanwhile, you can find the limited-edition Vanilla with Dark Chocolate Toffee Macadamia Ice Cream Sandwiches now until September at O‘ahu military commissaries and exchanges, most Foodland and ABC stores, and many local markets and eateries where Uncle’s sandwiches are available. For the full listing, click here.