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We’re Hawaiian Host, the iconic chocolate brand from Hawaiʻi, and we’re living up to our name as the Host of Hawaiʻi.

Thinking of visiting Māui? We got you covered! Māui is the perfect blend of all the main islands, it’s not as country as Kauaʻi, not as urban as Oʻahu, and not as spread out as the Big Island. You’ll get the perfect mix of paradise and culture. Māui has been named “Best Island in the U.S.” by Condé Nast Traveler readers for more than 20 years, and we’ll show you all the reasons why!

  • What to do
  • What beaches to visit
  • What restaurants to check out
  • Where to Pau Hana
  • Where to hike
  • What Hawai'i foods to try
  • Take a piece of paradise home
  • Other maps: Oahu, Kauai, Big Island

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What to do
10 popular activities

Hāna Ranch
Known for its commitment to preserving the land and promoting awareness of local agriculture, it follows sustainable and regenerative farming practices. You can experience the beauty of the Hāna landscape by taking part in the horseback riding adventures where you’ll learn about the flora and fauna of Māui, the local history of Hāna, and Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy) culture. (See on map.)

Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm
Did you think you would marvel at 55,000 lavendar plants across 13.5 acres in Hawaiʻi?! This truly stunning and picturesque view was created by Agricultural Artist and Horticultural Master, Aliʻi Chang. Explore the enchanting gardens, relax in peaceful seating areas, and grab some lavendar specialties like teas, coffees and scones. (See on map.)

Surfing Goat Dairy
Here’s your sign to visit goats in Hawaiʻi. Take a guided tour of the sustainable farm and learn about the goat milking process. Here's where the goats come in - interact with friendly goats, learn about their care, and witness the cheese-making process in action. (See on map.)

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
See stunning aerial views of Māui’s natural wonders including lush mountain valleys, waterfalls, cliffs, beaches, and volcanic landscapes plus iconic landmarks such as Haleakalā (House of the Sun) Crater and the famous Road to Hāna. An exhilarating experience you can only get from above. (See on map.)

Pride of Maui
Come snorkel with Pride of Maui and experience the beauty of West Māui and Molokini. Morning tours take you to Molokini Crater and Turtle Town, while afternoon tours explore Turtle Town and the West Maui reefs near Olowalu. They provide snorkeling gear and ample opportunity to swim with Hawaiian green sea turtles. From January to March, they also offer Maui Whale Watching tours to witness the North Pacific humpback whales that migrate to Hawaiʻi’s warm waters for winter. To ensure your comfort and an optimal experience, they limit boat capacity to 60% of what the US Coast Guard approves.

Maui Ocean Center
Whether you’re a marine enthusiast, an animal lover, or looking for a family-friendly activity, the center provides a deep appreciation for life underwater and educates you about the importance of marine conservation and preservation. (See on map.)

Ocean Vodka Farm
Visit and take a guided tour of Ocean Vodka Farm to learn about the vodka production process, and experience a tasting of their spirits. The farm follows organic farming methods, utilizing sustainable practices to grow and harvest the ingredients. They focus on conserving water, promoting soil health, and minimizing their environmental impact. (See on map.)

Bike Maui
Take a downhill journey through Maui's landscapes, a unique and thrilling way to experience the island. The tours typically start at the summit of Haleakalā volcano and descend along scenic routes of lush forest and charming towns. Experienced guides will provide commentary about the area's history, culture, and natural features. Self-guided tours are available. (See on map.)

Skyline Hawaii
Set your alarm to wake up super early to take the Haleakalā National Park Sunrise Tour where you’ll get a breathtaking 360-degree views from the top. See the golden rays wash over the mountain landscape and create a magical view before your eyes. If you need that extra adventure boost, opt for the ziplining tour on the slopes of Haleakalā.

Maui Off-Road Adventures
Looking for a rugged adventure? Learn about the Valley Isle and take a scenic ATV ride through Maui to see livestock and majestic views while navigating your way through bamboo forest runs, hills, jungle canopies and riverbed crossings!

What beaches to visit
5 stunning beaches

Maui is known for its stunning beaches with golden, black, white, and red sand beaches. One of the most magical experiences you’ll encounter is the 10,000+ humpback whales that migrate to Maui ever winter. Stick your head in the water and you can hear the whales sing!

Pro Tip: Buy a box of Hawaiian Host chocolates at your nearest retailer, head to the beach and enjoy our confections as you relax on the sandy beach. It’s a vibe, we promise.

Hoʻokipa Beach
This has the best windsurfing spots in the world! Experienced windsurfers love it because of the trade winds and large waves. In the winter, the waves at Hoʻokipa can reach impressive heights, attracting skilled surfers looking for challenging conditions. This is also a great place to spot the Hawaiian Monk Seals and the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, which are called Honu in Hawaiian. (See on map.)

Kamaole “Kam III”
Long stretch of golden sand and clear turquoise waters – need we say more?! Okay, here's some more - excellent snorkeling conditions. The water near the rocky outcrops is home to vibrant coral reefs and a variety of tropical fish and other marine life. Great for swimming and boogie boarding. (See on map.)

Kāʻanapali Beach
How cool is this? - A daily cliff diving ceremony is held every evening at sunset at Puʻu Kekaʻa or Black Rock. A cliff diver lights the torches along the cliff and dives off as a reenactment of a feat by Maui’s revered King Kahekili. You can even zipline to see the stunning coastline form above. (See on map.)

Wai'ānapanapa State Park
Breathtaking coast on the iconic Road to Hāna. The park is famous for its dramatic coastline, black sand beach, and freshwater caves. You can sunbathe, picnic, explore the tidepools, and even camp! (See on map.)

Molokini Atoll
This is a crescent moon shaped island 3 miles from the south coast of Maui. Take a boat for an incredible adventure and experience ocean life by diving among the coral reefs and tropical fish. Spot the state fish, the humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa! It looks like the one on the right. 

Kaihalulu Beach
Known as the Red Sand Beach, this hidden gem is located on the rugged coastline of Hāna. Exercise extreme caution accessing the beach, as it requires a short but steep hike along a narrow, rocky path. Perfect for picture taking or relaxing on the red sand shores or observe through photos only!

Helpful tips:

  • Please kokua and help us care for our islands.
  • Remember to buy coral safe sunscreen to protect our coral reefs!
  • Please respect the animals. If you’re lucky and come across a sea turtle or seal resting ashore, please do not stress the animal by trying to get its attention or disturbing it.
  • Always stay hydrated and bring water and snacks.
  • Check the weather reports and make sure water conditions are safe.

What 5 restaurants to check out

Panoramic views of the ocean, exceptional cuisine, and a taste of the island’s flavors, Maui has some of the best dining experiences a restaurant can offer.

Pro Tip: Make reservations in advance.

Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop
Using locally sourced ingredients and a made-from-scratch approach, Leoda’s offers a variety of homemade and freshly baked pies, flavorful sandwiches, hoagies, burgers, and hot dogs. Whether you’re craving a savory meal or sweet treat, this is a must-visit for food lovers.
Must Try: Chocolate Mac Nut Pie

Star Noodle
An innovative food joint paired with amazing ocean views. Renowned Asian fusion restaurant offering high quality dishes, unique flavors, and vibrant atmosphere.
Must try: Steamed Pork Buns & Garlic Noodles

Haliʻimaile General Store
With a diverse range of dishes that showcase the rich flavors and ingredients of the Islands, this restaurant received numerous accolades over the years, including recognition from the James Beard Foundation nomination for Best Chef Hawaiʻi/Pacific Northwest.
Must try: Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi with Molokai whipped sweet potatoes, a tropical fruit salsa, and a mango lilikoi butter sauce

Mama’s Fish House
One of the best and most beloved award-winning locally sourced seafood restaurants on the island! Has a stunning oceanfront setting and is a staple in the Maui culinary scene.
Must try: Ahi with rum baked banana and charred Maui Gold Pineapple

The Plantation House
Casual elegance and locally sourced foods, the restaurant is situated on the fairways of the famous Plantation Golf Course and itʻs a dining experience you won’t forget.
Must Try: Hawaiian Short Rib 

Where to "Pau Hana"
Top 5 faves

You’re in paradise hearing the waves crashing on the shore, sipping your delicious cocktail, relaxing with the most epic views. It’s Aloha Hour (as some call it on Maui) also known as Pau Hana time, pronounced {pow hah-nah}. Itʻs a time spent after a day’s worth of work, a time meant for relaxation and socialization with friends and family. Good times guaranteed.

Leilani’s on the Beach
“Come for a Mai Tai, stay for a meal”. Situated right on the beachfront with stunning views of the ocean and neighboring islands, Leilani’s has won multitude of awards including Best Restaurant in Hawaiʻi - U.S.A. Today 10 Best Reader’s Choice 2019 Awards. (See on map.)

Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman
A must for the extensive drink menu - craft beers, signature cocktails, and an impressive selection of wines. Theyʻre known for creative and refreshing cocktails, including their famous Monkeypod Mai Tai, topped with honey lilikoʻi foam and made with fresh local ingredients. (See on map.)

South Shore Tiki Lounge
Voted “Best Bar on Maui” and “Best Pau Hana”, the tiki-inspired décor is a fun, tropical ambiance. The mixologists are known for their creative and flavorful concoctions. Great place to unwind, socialize, and enjoy some live music!

Maui Brewing Company
Crafting beers that reflect the unique flavors of Hawaiʻi! They source many local ingredients, including Hawaiian grown hops, local fruits, and other botanicals, to infuse their beers with a distinct tropical flavor. Their flagship beers include the Bikini Blonde Lager and the Big Swell IPA. Check out the brewery tour or stop in their restaurant for delicious pub-style food.

Where to hike
5 unforgettable hikes

Maui offers a variety of beautiful hiking trails that showcase the island’s natural beauty.

Pro Tip: Wear sturdy hiking shoes, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Note that rain can make the ground muddy and slippery, exercise caution while walking through the trails.

ʻĪao Valley State Monument
Towering emerald peaks, lush deep valleys, and a vibrant rainforest that thrives in the area's abundant rainfall! The centerpiece of the valley is the iconic ʻĪao Needle, a 1,200-foot (366-meter) tall volcanic rock pinnacle that rises dramatically from the valley floor. The trail is relatively short, about 0.6 miles, easily accessible for a wide range of hikers. Make sure to visit the nature center as well. (See on map.)

Dragon’s Teeth Trail
Also known as Makaluapuna Point, its name comes from the jagged points of the rock formation looking like dragon’s teeth. It’s an easy 0.5-mile hike that takes you by the ocean, and is great for meditation and sightseeing. (See on map.)

Haleakalā Sliding Sands Trail
Check out the stunning panoramic views of the Haleakalā Crater, which is an otherworldly expanse of volcanic terrain. You’ll descend into the crater and be surrounded by vast lava fields, unique rock formations, and colorful cinder cones. The stark beauty of the landscape is truly awe-inspiring. This trail is 11-miles long and considered strenuous due to its length, elevation changes, and challenging weather conditions. Please know your limits and go prepared. (See on map.)

Kapalua Coastal Trail
Here you'll be treated to stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, pristine beaches, and rugged volcanic cliffs. You may also spot marine life such as turtles and whales (during the whale-watching season, typically from December to April). This trail is approximately 1.76 miles long roundtrip and a suitable option for hikers of various skill levels.

Waihe’e Ridge Trail
You’ll walk through a diverse landscape, like forested areas, open grasslands, and rocky slopes. Along the way, you'll encounter beautiful native plants, cascading waterfalls, and panoramic lookout points that offer incredible photo opportunities. The trail is approximately 4-miles round trip and is considered moderately difficult due to steep sections and uneven terrain.

Remember to come prepared with proper hiking gear, water, sun protection, and to respect the environment by following any posted guidelines or regulations.

Hawai'i foods to try
5 ono grindz

These are local favorites and are unique to the islands.

Youʻll never forget these! Portuguese style donut without a hole, covered in sugar, and can be served without or with a delicious filling like dobash or guava! Tastes best hot & fresh.
Our top pick: Komoda Store and Bakery – famous for their malasadas on a stick – exclusively found here! (See on map.)

This is the freshest poke youʻll ever eat! Poke is diced raw fish (traditionally ahi tuna) cut into cubes and available in many variations. Popular types of poke include shoyu (soy sauce), spicy, and limu (seaweed).
Our top pick: South Maui Fish Co. (See on map.)

A food that has it’s own festival – How can this be wrong when itʻs so right? Traditionally, a piece of spam either sandwiched in between or on top of a block of rice and wrapped together with a piece of nori (dried seaweed). This delicious treat is wrapped making it the perfect snack on the go.
Our top pick: Da Kitchen Maui known for their Deep Fried Musubi! (See on map.)

Shave Ice
That’s right, there’s no D in shave. Made by shaving down a block of ice, then adding sweet syrup flavoring like strawberry, banana, and blue raspberry. Add other sweet ingredients like sweetened condensed milk, azuki beans (red beans), even ice cream! Shave ice is as refreshing as it sounds and is the perfect treat after a long beach day.
Our top pick: Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice! (See on map.)

Loco Moco
A must-try local favorite! A bed of rice, topped with homemade hamburger patties, any-style eggs, and gravy all over.
Our top pick: 808 Grindz Cafe (See on map.)

The gold pineapple is a specific variety of pineapple that is known for being the sweetest. While you can find them at your local grocery store, Maui Gold Pineapples can only be bought on Maui and is world-famous for its exceptional flavor and sweetness. Take a pineapple farm tour and experience what it’s like working on a pineapple farm. (See on map.)

Exploring the local cuisine is a fantastic way to experience the flavors and cultural influences that make Hawaiian food so unique. There is more inpsiring, delicious, and Instagrammable food out there so go explore and try something new!

Take a piece of paradise home

For over 95 years, it’s a tradition, that people buy Hawaiian Host chocolates as gifts and souvenirs whenever they visit. That’s why we are “Hawai‘i’s Gift to the World”. In the end, did you even visit Hawaiʻi if you didnʻt buy a Hawaiian Host chocolate?

 Pro Tip: Buy a box at your nearest retailer, head to the beach and enjoy our confections as you relax on the sandy beach. It’s a vibe, we promise.

Considered an edible postcard from paradise! Featuring our finest macadamias coated in our silky, premium milk chocolate, this Island original makes a delightful souvenir for everyone on your gift list. This is perfect for sharing aloha with family and friends, not to mention a sweet way to treat yourself!
Flavors: Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

The Founder’s Collection
Premium chocolate and uniquely crunchy macadamias, made just like our founders, Mamoru and Aiko Takitani, intended.
Flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Honey Coated.

The Paradise Collection
Savor a blissful moment of paradise with our Paradise Collection. Each unique island-inspired flavor contains a combination of premium chocolate and macadamia nuts.
Flavors: Toasted Coconut Milk Chocolate, Hawaiian Honey Milk Chocolate, Kona Coffee Milk Chocolate, and Sea Salt Toffee Dark Chocolate.

Maui Caramacs
A beloved treat, the iconic macadamia shares the spotlight with rich, buttery caramel. To make our famous Maui Caramacs, we smother macadamias in our custom-made caramel and then cover them in smooth milk chocolate. Perfect for sharing aloha with friends and family (but buy one for yourself or you’ll regret it!).

Flavors of Aloha Bars
These delicious bars are inspired by the Islands. Tropical Sunrise Swirl blends white chocolate with delicious passionfruit and mango; Island Bounty combines coconut with milk chocolate; Pau Hana is a pretzel-meets-chocolate-and-mac-nuts party; Rocky Road to Paradise combines marshmallow and sea-salt with milk chocolate; and Surfer’s Breakfast takes crunchy granola and Kona coffee and swirls it in dark chocolate.

Where to Buy
ABC, Costco, CVS/Longs Drug, Food Pantry, Foodland, Gate Gourmet, Grand Wailea Resort Hotel, Hasegawa General Store, Kaanapali Beach Club, Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Marriott, Maui Ocean Center, Royal Lahaina Resort, Safeway, Sheraton, Tamura, Target, Times, Travel Traders, Vacasa, Valley Isle Produce, Walgreens, Walmart, Westin, Hyatt Residence Club or shop online at

Sharing aloha is delicious 🌺!

Map Making BTS

It was our greatest pleasure hosting you. Get excited for all the adventures you'll go on and memories you'll make in paradise.

Did you know that each island has it's own color and flower?

Spot the difference by exploring all the other islands below.

Oahu: Yellow, Pua `ilima

Maui: Pink, Damask Rose

Kauai: Purple, mokihana berry

Big Island: Red, `ōhi`a lehua


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