New Hibiscus Box Launches and Sales Soar

New Hibiscus Box Launches and Sales Soar

Hibiscus Island Macs GIF

In January 2023, Hawaiian Host launched a new box design for their Island Macs line. These are the iconic chocolate covered macadamia nuts that are much loved worldwide for their creamy, smooth premium chocolate and exotic nut.

Theresa Tuxhorn, who led the redesign as head of marketing for Hawaiian Host, discusses the transformation.

Q: What is the reason behind this redesign?
A: As Hawaiian Host introduced new product lines like Paradise Collection and Flavors of Aloha, the Island Macs box design was starting to feel outdated compared to the rest of the products in the Hawaiian Host portfolio. It was time to refresh and elevate the one of the fasting turning and iconic items in the Hawaiian Host portfolio, the Island Macs.   

Q: How does it compare with the Tiare yellow and white design?
A: The new Island Mac design helped in our channel differentiation strategy…the original island macs, the classic yellow Tiare can still be found as a Club exclusive. The new hibiscus design can be found in the general market both in Hawaiʻi and on With the channel differentiation strategy- YTD the new hibiscus design continues to exceed our sales plan and we have seen Island Macs in Club grow +30% over LY, now that it is a Club exclusive design. Our total Island Macs business is up +22% to LY; leading and outperforming the brand trend. Overall, the redesign has been a huge success for Hawaiian Host.

Q: What challenges, surprising discoveries, or successes did you find?
A: There was hesitation in re-designing a top preforming sku (the don’t fix it if it isn’t broken mindset) but as soon as the new design was revealed the reaction was extremely positive. The oversized logo was impactful and easy for customers to identify. The vibrant colors, the elevated illustration added dimension to hibiscus and botanical design; making the Island Macs feel more premium.

Q: Hawaiian Host is over 95 years old. What thoughts do you have about staying relevant?
A: Hawaiian Host has a very loyal customer following. For us staying relevant means continuing to make high quality product, staying authentic to Hawaiʻi, and continuing to design beautiful packaging that customers love to gift and share with family & friends around the globe.